Crickets is an inquiry-based learning method which holds that children construct their own comprehension and knowledge of the world through experiences and reflection. The construction of new knowledge is developed through a Big Question per unit. By the end of each unit, children will have acquired the knowledge and experience that will allow them to answer the question.

In addition, Crickets integrates the natural approach, whereby children acquire communicative skills through fun activities that enable them to learn English spontaneously.

 Key Features:

  • Emphasis on the development of Literacy SkillsPhonemic AwarenessMotor Skills
  • Includes CLIL lessonsadapted to the age of the children
  • Encouragesinterest in and appreciation of early reading with stories that are presented through Big Story CardsCricket Tales and extra activities in the Teacher’s Resource Book
  • The unique Teacher’s i-solutionsfor the classroom provide all the digital and audiovisual material in one easy-to-access format

Interactive experience

Learn while you play with this interactive tool that’s perfect for kids. From fun games to the most entertaining animated stories.

Undoubtedly a great experience for children to play with English.

Come in and have fun.

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